Introduction to CAS-DNV Fund

In april 2018, dnv capital and the shenzhen institutes of advanced technology of the chinese academy of sciences (hereinafter referred to as "siat") jointly initiated the establishment of the first equity investment fund—shenzhen cas-dnv equity investment fund. The fund is the first product among the follow-up series of funds. Both sides uphold the concept of sincere cooperation and complementary advantages, and will be committed to the vc (venture capital investment) and pe (growth investment) investments in the healthcare and innovative technology in the future.

In combination with the financial investment strength of DNV Capital and the scientific and technological talent resources and scientific research advantages of SIAT, CAS-DNV Investment Fund has established an investment platform composed of senior professional investors and technical elites.

In terms of financial investment, CAS-DNV will focus on investment in top medical health and innovative technology projects, and will provide great help to the investment companies in the application of project research and development funds, and the introduction of talents for such as the "Millennium Project" and the "peacock plan". On the other hand, in the implementation of talent projects and transformation of industrial achievements, and CAS-DNV will also provide commercialization assessment and cross-domain joint support for entrepreneurial projects, and help domestic and foreign high-quality projects get approval and be industrialized at an early time in SIAT.

The establishment of CAS-DNV Equity Investment Fund is an important milestone for both sides. Capital operation, academic research and talent introduction promote each other. Under the common concept of cooperation and mutual benefits among all parties, the synergistic effect will be better played so as to make a gratifying contribution to the development of the country, the progress of the academic and the success of the enterprises. Let's warmly congratulate on this!

Introduction to CAS-DNV Fund

SIAT was jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2006 and is the only national research institute in Shenzhen.

Investment Portfolio